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Signagi is a small town located in East Georgia. Kakheti region is one of the most reachest regions of Georgia. Signaghi is not exclusion. Sighnaghi originates from Turkish and means shelter. It is famous for winery and rich harvest. People here are friendly and attentive.

Signagi can be called as a pearl of Kakheti. It has unique architecture and charming environment attracting tourists from all over the world.

Visit the town and get acquainted with its history and traditions.

The town museum will impress you with old styled streets, cosy houses and brilliant architecture and planning.

Signagi is rare example of historic city which kept its style during the years. Opened traditional balconies, unique fortress with churches built in it, towers and friendly population will unforgettable remembering from your visit.

The web-site is created for those who have not yet been in Signagi. Here you will get interesting information about the town, its history, local traditions and even food. You can also get some useful advices for planning effective trip to Signagi.

On the way to Signagi the one can visit the famous Bodbe monastery which is built on the grave of holy Nino who introduced Christianity to Georgians.

If you take a car from Bodbe monastery a pictorial landscape will appear before you after 5 minutes of traveling. You will see the slope of the mountain full of old houses with reddish roofs and several monasteries.


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